4 Books of My Summer Reading List

So, I know that summer has started a couple of weeks ago (at least for me here) but i think i still have much time to kill until school starts, so these are the 4 books that i have had for a long time but haven’t got any chance to read, or just lazy to…

  1. The Republic by Plato, I have gone through several pages of this book and I must say that it’s a quite a heavy read for me since I’m very much used to young adult novels. I recently got extremely bored of young adult novels so i decided to experiment with genres a little bit and decided to give philosophy a try. I’m still adjusting with the way this book is written with ancient words and sayings but I’ve been enjoying this a lot. 
  2. The Economics Book: Big Ideas Simply Explained, so this book I’ve had for quite a while but since it’s very much materials to read. I don’t actually understand  deeply about economic but I’m just always into economics, both micro and macro. 
  3. The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin, I’m very much excited to get into this book since its got a topic that I’m highly interested in. It’s ranked #2 in Goodreads’ list of best happiness books. Let’s see how it turns out later. 
  4. Boost Your Brain by Joel Levy, this is not necessarily a read but it’s a book that i want to finish. This book is filled with activities to overall sharpen your brain, printed with very nice papers which makes me feel quite guilty to write on it.  

So, those are my summer reading list. Comment down if you’re planning to read or have read any of this book, and also your summer reading list.




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