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So recently I visited Germany with 12 other students from my school plus a teacher. We were there for 2 weeks for an international summer camp in this very small town called Bad Salzungen, but we also visited Berlin and Munich, because we didn’t fly for 15 hours all the way from Jakarta to miss any of the fun in Germany 😉

This was actually my first time visiting Europe and the 13 of us had an amazing time there. I bought quite a few things and i thought it would be awesome to share a few stuffs with you guys since i haven’t updated my blog in a while.

  1. This is my Adidas/Bayern München tracksuit that i got in Allianz Arena. I actually don’t understand a thing about football, but their merchandises were cool. When you are into something, go for it girl, as long as it’s legal of course. I wore it all the time during summer camp because it’s actually quite chilly in the summer. This jacket actually made me a few acquaintances during our trip, in the camp a boy passed by me then noticed my tracksuit, he came up to me to say “nice jacket”, and i was like,”ikr, thank you”, very proud of this jacket.IMG_1268 copy
  2. Still from Bayern München, I got this kid’s cap in navy blue. A little story, when we were on our last train from Munich to Bad Salzungen, I saw a man on the train wearing this exact same cap. Unfortunately, i wasn’t wearing my cap because i was already wearing my tracksuit, and I did’t want to look like i just left an FC Bayern game by wearing Bayern München’s cap and tracksuit at the same time because that would look tacky, besides there wasn’t any Bayern München’s game around that time, duh. The next day, we went to a festival around Bad Salzungen and I saw that man, still in the exact same outfit, and what i mean by exact same is EXACTLY SAME, same shoes, socks, cap, t-shirt, camera, backpack. Unfortunately, I wasn’t wearing our twinning cap, sad.IMG_1287 copy
  3. I got a free Bayern München fan set when checking out in the counter, maybe because i spent a certain sum of money there. And I got this Berlin pen, obviously, in Berlin. I actually bought this pen for all of my classmates, so now we all got matching pens.IMG_1275 copy
  4. This is my Polizei t-shirt that i got in Berlin. A lot of souvenir shops sell it, but i found this cheapest one in a store in an U-Bahn station in Alexanderplatz for €9 whereas other shops could sell it up to €19, very nice deal. IMG_1283 copy
  5. I bought this Fjallraven Kanken Backpack at Galeria Kaufhof in Alexanderplatz in Berlin, haven’t used it though but it’s a very nice backpack.IMG_1270 copy
  6. This is the Amplemann totes that i got at Galeria Kaufhof. I actually got 3, one for me and 2 for my roommates.


I’m going to post a few back to school posts because I’m actually to excited for school, judge me. But I’m also planning on doing some outfit posts.

Sekar 🙂






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