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Singapore, Phuket, and Penang


So, i spent my christmas holiday cruising with Costa, Yeay!

Deck 12 of Costa Victoria

I always thought that this was my 2nd time cruising with Costa until yesterday my mom told me it’s my 3rd time.


I had so much fun, i went to Phi Phi Island in Phuket, and Penang was just beautiful. And Singapore, like always, never disappointed me.

Venice Carnival at Sea in Costa Victoria
Penang is nice


Hello Phuket



In a food museum in Penang


I left my sunnies on my bed and came back to this
The next day, i left a note for my cabin steward saying thanks for the cute gift and that i didn’t wanna ruin it and when i got back i found this.

And something interesting happened to me in Singapore. So, i was at the MRT station this morning, trying to get to Sentosa by MRT, and even though i lose count of how many times i have been to Singapore, this was my first time taking MRT. So, i didn’t really know what to do, and there seemed to be no authority that i can ask, but i saw this locket and there was a woman with uniform. All i knew was that locket was MRT related, i knew that it wasn’t where you supposed to get ticket, but i wanted to ask her where i should go to get ticket. So i asked her, she told me that i could go to the ticket machine and showed me the direction.

And while that conversation was happening, i figured some people were queuing behind me, so after the woman showed me the direction, i said thanks and started walking towards the ticket machine. And suddenly, one of the people who are queuing, a guy, left the queue, he ran a little and approached me. I was still walking and thought what is this guy doing?? My first thought was he was lost like i was, and was about to ask me for help getting him a ticket also because he heard in the locket that i was about to get my ticket. I didn’t look very happy at that time because of my first thought about him and i was in rush.

So, he approached me and said something like this  “Do you want to buy the ticket?”

I said “Yeah”,

and he said “Do you know how?”, and i was like


I said “I don’t, but i will”, i mean, even though this was my first time, buying ticket off a machine is quite easy, i mean, Singapore always has ver clear instruction to do just anything right???

Then, he said “I can help you”, and he walks to the machine, and left me behind.


And i was extremely flummoxed. But, i just walked toward him. He asked me my destination, and then he did all the stuffs. I only gave him the money, and while he did that we had a little conversation.

i looked at him, he was around 18 to 22 years old, and he was wearing knee length shorts, black t shirt, a canvas tote bag (?), and a black and white nike. And i said “i like your shoe”,

and he said “thank you, where are you from?”,

i said “Indonesia”, and he asked “You’re here for holiday?”,

i said “kind of”,

and before i knew it, i got the ticket, and he explained me the route and where i should transit, i said thank you and he walked away. He was gone very fast, and i didn’t say enough thank you for him.

And suddenly i realised, he was very nice. And i didn’t talk that much with him.


I just realised 3 out of 4 gifs that i use for this post are saying ‘what’. All of my photographs during my trip will be on my Tumblr, i would really appreciate it if you check them out 😉

Thanks for stopping by! :DDD






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